All available courses are listed below. You may find it helpful to start with the "How to use the site" course which will explain how the site and the courses work. Please use the message function if you have further questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer.

    Available courses

    Know how working memory affects learning and how to support pupils who experience difficulties with this.

    Dynamic assessment in the classroom - What is it and why is it important?

    Course objectives:

    Know the responsibilities teachers have for those who are learning with dyslexia

    Introduce the causes for the difficulties faced by learners with dyslexia

    Recognise the effect of dyslexia on the individual within the classroom

    Explore possible strategies to support learners with dyslexia

    Know where to find further professional development opportiunities

    This course will cover the general requirements for staff and adults employed in schools.


    • Know the reasons for health and safety awareness in schools and your duty regarding them
    • Know how to recognise problems with health and safety risks and what to do about them
    • Demonstrate you are able to distinguish health and safety concerns from others, e.g. discipline

    This course is aimed at managers in schools and covers the basics for risk assessment, particularly for activities including pupils.


    • Know which legislation applies to schools and how to implement effectively
    • Know why the process of risk assessment is important in managing the activities of adults and pupils
    • Complete a risk assessment for an activity in your setting

    This course will walk you through how to use this site from the point of view of a learner. It includes logging on, registering for a course and how to navigate through your learning activities.